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Datee is a networking application (réseautage professionnel) that helps professionals organize physical meetings in their city to share their knowledge and advice.

Datee is FREE. Datee is a simple, quick and efficient networking marketplace where you can network with the right person to help you in your professional life and where you can share your talents, in private interviews.

Looking fo a freelance, a job, a partner, an investor, a developer, a mentor, any professional ??

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No chat
Direct access to profiles
and scheduling of meeting


Get to meet the right person at the right moment


Possibility to meet professionals for free or paying

About us

Datee is a networking application that helps professionals organize in-real-life meetings to share their knowledge and insights in their area.

How does it work?

1 Fill in your profile with your organization, diploma, what you expect on the app, what you can teach/share. Upload pictures of you and your project.

2 Propose slots of your time in your chosen location to other members of the Datee community.

3 Browse for interesting professional profiles in your area, visualize their location on a map.

4 Network in-real-life with the person who corresponds to your professional needs.

5 After the meeting, rate the Datee member you just met to validate the meeting.

5 steps to use Datee

  • Usage Datee

    Fill in your profile

  • Usage Datee

    As a “Datee”

    Propose your time and your price to other members
  • Usage Datee

    As a “Dater”

    Browse for interesting profiles
    in your area
    and bid to meet them
  • Usage Datee

    Select the bidder
    of your choice

  • Usage Datee

    After the meeting,

    Rate the member you just met,
    and the money transfer is validated

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Usage Datee
Usage Datee

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